Install Updraft Backup For WordPress. – Kimberly Gosney

Back That Thang Up…

No pun intended, but I just couldn’t resist.

Today’s tech tip is all about backing up your site. So many frustrations in life when it comes to your website can be prevented by taking one extra minute to back your website up.

I know this from experience. So, trust me when I say that an ounce of prevention is worth a lifetime of cure.

This plugin is free to use, but Updraft also has some amazing paid options too. You can visit them here.

When should you back up your website?

  • You should back up your site every single day. You can set this plug in up and it’ll schedule the backups for you.
  • Before you update any themes or plugins. (Just in case you hit a serious issue.)
  • After you’ve spent hours working on your site and you love how everything looks. (I find that’s when the gremlins strike and something goes crazy and my site all of a sudden looks like crap.)

Click below to watch this free video tutorial.


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