My AccessAlly Review

My AccessAlly review is long overdue!

I’m pretty embarrassed about how long it’s taken me to write it.

I’ve been a huge fan of AccessAlly from the team at ever since the second I heard whispers in the 30 Day List Building Challenge Facebook Group that Nathalie Lussier was getting ready to launch it.

In fact, I’ve been using it as one of my best secret biz building weapons since December 2014. I loved it so much that I even became an AmbitionAlly Certified Partner in September 2015 (full disclosure and all) because the moment I laid my big blue eyes on this membership plugin for WordPress I knew I was in love.

The funny thing is that I’ve written and made videos about AccessAlly 200 times and I haven’t ever been able to capture how amazing this plugin is in any of my previous attempts, but now I’m holding my feet to the fire and pinky promising myself that I will be making headway with my AccessAlly review.

It’s the best things in my geeky life that are the hardest to serve up as posts, but since so many of you have emailed me or reached out to find out my opinion of AccessAlly I knew I had to make it across the finish line today.

Before I start rambly writing I’m going to share my 3 favorite things about AccessAlly.

There’s simply too much that I love about this plugin to make just one post about it.

Here we go!

1.) There’s no limit to how or what I can serve up on my AccessAlly site.

Since having AccessAlly in late 2014 I’ve sold one course in multiple ways. I’m talking about my signature DIY site building course Making Headway which I turned into a monthly membership in 2015.

Chunks of the same course have been sold as…

  • a one-time purchase course.
  • a yearly course.
  • a monthly membership.
  • individual mini courses.
  • a place to share my opt-in freebies.
  • all kinds of combos like buy one mini course get one free.
  • a place to house my DIY site design templates.

Talk about repurposing content! Want to see a little pic of a few of the things on my AccessAlly site???

OK, I might have just lied. That’s not a little pic.

It boggles my mind and totally tickles my heart about all the infinite possibilities for serving up my shiny new things.

Yes, that’s all with the same content and I was able to do it seamlessly and effortlessly.

2.) Top-notch support from a team that wants small businesses (like yours and mine) to succeed.

I haven’t had a big tech hurdle or issue with this site since January of 2015 and even that issue was fixed with a plugin update by the AmbitionAlly team.

I’ve never mentioned this before (I don’t think) but over the holiday season in 2014 when I was building out my AccessAlly site I hit a snag (which lead to that update I mentioned) where my multisite (super techy word for my infinite flurry of mini-sites that run under * didn’t recognize the usernames of my current site members because AccessAlly uses email addresses for login and not usernames like my old plugin did.

Basically, I had about 100 people that couldn’t login because they just couldn’t login.

I emailed support so I wouldn’t forget to do it after the holiday and BA-BAM. Robin from the AccessAlly team replied within an hour and helped me sort it out.

It wasn’t even a really urgent issue, and it was a HUGE holiday – but, that moment has always stood out in my mind as one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had.


3.) Your AccessAlly site grows with you as your business grows.

Remember that one course Making Headway I mentioned earlier?

When I started my AccessAlly site it was one course with 20 video tutorials and a template. It was a true course. But, I got so addicted to making fun icons for people to click on that my one course grew into a whole bunch of other courses related courses.

I became addicted to making tutorials and before I knew it I had over 30 courses all on that one AccessAlly site.

It was a ton of work making all those courses, but I totally fell head over heels in love with the process of making things happen on my AccessAlly site. Each new course button felt like a badge of honor to me. Something that filled my heart with pride and I’d just look at it sometimes if I was having a tough day and it made me feel better!

And, this part really makes me giggle. Now, I’m taking what I started with Making Headway to a whole new level and in 2017 I’m focusing on creating a community of DIY-ers that want to forge friendships and learn about building websites together. Because sometimes it gets a little lonely when you’re at home in your pajama pants all day.

Phew, this is one seriously long post – but, I filled it with things that I really needed to say. Stuff from the heart because being the geeky girl I am I really do believe that plugins can change your life and websites can make your dreams come true.

And, yes – I believe in unicorns and rainbows and I like that I do.

Ok, you twisted my arm.

I’m going to share a fourth thing that I love about AccessAlly.

It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and really show what I’m capable of as an entrepreneur. I’m amazed at what I’ve learned how to do with my 10 fingers, 1 mighty keyboard + AccessAlly.

If I can do it you can too!

So there you have it my AccessAlly review complete with a few screenshots from the inside of my site. I promise this is just the first of MANY posts you’ll see coming soon from me about AccessAlly.

Now I want to hear from you!

Have you ever fell head over heels in love with a WordPress plugin or is it just me! Oh, and if you liked this post I hope you’ll click the button below and share it with a friend.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links because I’m an AmbitionAlly Certified Partner. But, I’ve been using AccessAlly in my business since before all that happened and you can click this link if you’d like to take a peek at AccessAlly without clicking on my affiliate link.

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