Case Study: Susan Gaddis


About Susan

Susan had several courses on different WordPress websites, but she craved having everything in one place so her participants could see everything she has to offer in one sweet spot. Susan is familiar with WordPress, but didn't want the added stress of building her own course site from scratch.

The Goals

House multiple courses and a membership in one sweet spot.

Easy to maintain and add in new courses.

Participants can track their progress within a course.

Create up-sell opportunities from a free challenge to a course.

The Tools

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The Result

Within four short weeks Susan had all of her courses on one AccessAlly website. And, she's able to add new courses to her site with ease.

The Website

What Susan Had to Say

"One of the many things I loved about working with Kimberly was her patience in answering all of my questions. Her positive attitude, helpful suggestions, and clear explanations made working together a joy."

- Susan Gaddis