Hello Cupcake


My name is Kimberly Gosney and I'm a HUGE website design nerd. The hours just melt away as I design, code, and troubleshoot. I’ve never loved anything else more (except for maybe a cupcake topped with fruity pebbles.)


But you know what? I didn’t pop out of the womb as a website designer. (I mean, the internet wasn’t really a big thing yet, and the Commodore 128 was my first computer...) My background is actually in retail store management. Which, as day jobs go, was fine, but I knew I wanted more out of life, to be my own boss, take weekends off, and have my own company.


(Does this story sound familiar?)


I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to do. I just knew I wanted to make a greater impact on the world and more freedom for my life!


For a while, I ran a stationery store on Etsy. Which I ADORED but it never really brought home the bacon.


Then, I thought I could help other people leave their 9-5's, and I decided to build a website to do just that. Since I already loved designing things, I figured, ‘Hey, this can't be that hard. I'll DIY my website!'


I soon discovered, building a website is very hard. But I also discovered that I LOVE IT.


Over the next year, I spent every free hour I had mastering website development and design. I was HOOKED. All I wanted to do was build more sites!


That’s when it hit me. THIS is how I could help other women find their bliss, reach their goals, and quit that soul sucking 9-5. I could help them by serving up dreamy websites and membership sites to bring in passive income, attract more clients, and live the life of their dreams!


And so that’s what I do!


I’ve built hundreds of sites and have helped clients all over the world increase their income and expand their impact!


If you’d like to see a little sampling of my work you can check it out right HERE! And now I’d love to help you do the same! Reach out for a FREE consultation and let’s see how I can help your biz grow!



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