5 Things You Need To Do BEFORE You Hire A Web Designer – Kimberly Gosney

Yes, Congratulations!

You’ve decided to hire a web designer. Look at you. This is such an exciting time in your business.

Everyone needs a web designer at some point if they’ve got a website and they are growing up a business right. You can only DIY for so long before you hit a ceiling in what you’re able to do on your own.

Hiring a web designer can be an absolutely amazing process – if you’ve prepped yourself BEFORE you have a consultation or BEFORE you plunk down your hard earned money on getting some much needed help with your website.

Here are 5 Things You Need To Do Before You Hire A Web Designer.

Let’s go!!!!!

Start with a budget in mind. Ask for referrals or mention your budget when you’re posting in Facebook groups looking for help with your website. Start by saying my budget is X and I’m looking for a web designer that can do Y and Z.

Know what you’re going to sell. If you’re not sure what you’re going to offer to your visitors on your website – DIY your site for a little while longer UNTIL you are 100% clear on how you’ll be making money through your website. Invest the time and focus your site building efforts on knowing how money will be coming in to your business before hiring someone to build your site.

Have something to give. What are you going to use as your opt-in freebie or gift to peeps that hop on your list? If you put in the time to get this figured out BEFORE you hire a web designer they can add this to your website for you and make it look amazing (if they offer this in their package!) Nothing is harder on you during the site design process if you don’t know what you’re going to give the peeps that give you their email addresses!

Invest in courses to help your web designer help you. The most important course you can take right out of the gate is a great copy writing course because you’ll always be writing for your business and especially for your brand new website. Copy writing partners side by side with your website to showcase what you’re made of! You’ll also want to take a course on how to use Canva or Picmonkey and a basic WordPress course if your site is going to be on WordPress.

Invest in basic systems. Your website investment doesn’t end with buying a domain name, hosting package and hiring a web designer. It takes hard work and a lot of systems to make your website happen. Invest in a mailing list subscriber service like Mailchimp, Madmimi, Aweber or Infusionsoft to make the signup process easy for your visitors. Check into scheduling systems like Schedule Once if you’re offering consultations or 1-on-1 appointments. Systems make everything easier on you when you hire your web designer.

And, there you have it!

My 5 Things You Need To Do Before You Hire A Web Designer.

There’s nothing sexier than building the well before you need to drink the water!

Hugs and share below if this helps you out.


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