5 Things You Do Not Need To Launch Your Course

It’s almost summer, my how time flies. And it’s the perfect in-between time to talk about your next (or first) course launch. When July comes around, you’ll want to be sipping on margaritas by the pool and watching fireworks – but, instead, you’ll be planning out your fall course launch you go-getter you.

I want you to be prepped and ready for launching your new course, and selling it like hotcakes. Today I’m going to share a few in the trenches things that I learned while serving up and selling my first online courses.

Launching your course will bring up a lot of emotional stuff for you because you’ll be feeling all the feels so I’m giving you a couple of ways to make it less emotional and more actionable for you to launch your next course with ease (and high fives!)

5 Things You Don’t Need To Launch Your Course

Thing #1: Course content created in advance. I see so many people get stuck on the content in their course and they never get to the launching part. You can launch your course quickly and easily and create the content for your course after people have paid you for it.

Side note! If this is your first course and you launch without creating it and no one buys it you’re only out a few hours spent promoting it versus tons of time spent creating it. You’ve also got some powerful intel letting you know that you’ve got more work to do on your idea, copy, marketing, or sales page because no one bought it.

Thing #2: A huge list. You can sell a course no matter what size your list is. If you’ve been waiting to get to 1,000 people on your list before you launch your course, you’re missing out! Your tiny list of 100 people may be way more engaged than someone else’s huge list.

Thing #3: Facebook ads. If you’re on a budget and launching a new course one of the things you definitely don’t need is Facebook ads. Spending thousands of dollars to drive traffic to your course is RISKY – way too risky.

Side note! Once you’ve proven that you can sell your course you can re-launch it later with Facebook ads.

Thing #4: Thousands of Buyers. I bet the idea popped into your head of what it would be like to sell your course to 1,000 people. That seems to be the magic number of customers you “should have”, but you don’t need thousands of buyers to launch your course. A handful (think 5 – 10) highly engaged peeps can give you more focused feedback and testimonials that can help you improve the future versions of your course. You can call it a beta version or make it for founding members – but, the feedback you’ll get from that first handful of customers is a gold mine.

Thing #5: Affiliates. I wish I had a nickel for every new course creator out there that got stuck trying to figure out how to make an affiliate area on their website. Affiliate centers are GREAT, but you don’t have to have one to launch your course.

Affiliate sales are never as big as you think they will be in the beginning – and you’ll spend tons of time creating swipe copy, images, email templates, and social media posts to help your affiliates share your course. This time is much better spent marketing your course to people on your list first and offering an affiliate program AFTER your paying customers got great results from being in your course.

Phew! That’s it. I think that’s all of the things on my list of stuff that you don’t need to launch your course.

Have you tried to launch a course and gotten sucked in by any of these things? Share it with me in the comments below!

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