5 Simple Steps To Bootstrapping Your Business (And, how to rock your big girl boots!) – Kimberly Gosney


Have you ever wished that there was a blueprint to bootstrapping it?

Something that you could follow that would make it so easy to step into your big girl business boots? I mean after all, just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean your business has to be like a Corvair.

Did you know that the Chevrolet Corvair was featured in Ralph Nadar’s book “Unsafe At Any Speed.” It was so dangerous to drive that in a front end collision you could literally be impaled by the steering column?

Just a side note, my mama had one in blue and beige. WOW. My daddy promised me that they really weren’t all that dangerous. I had to call to ask him about it while I was writing this article. My mama’s were from 1965 and 1967. My daddy LOVES old cars. We had some really fun ones growing up, but that a story for another day. But, it’s true. The 1961 Corvair is listed in Time Magazine’s Top 50 Worst Cars Ever.

The point is. I don’t want your business to be a Corvair. And, I don’t want it to be as expensive as a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster either. That sweet ride has a price tag of around $4.5 Million.

Although I’m sure it’s a once in a lifetime experience to ride around town in a car like that. I’m sure Kathryn Hope wouldn’t mind me picking her up from school in the red one.

But, back to your business.

I’m hoping that you’re ready to start taking your business boots out for a little road trip. Time to step into your brilliant bootstrapping boots.

I’ve picked my Top 5 Secrets To Bootstrapping Your Business. And, I’m hoping that even applying just a few of these secrets will help you stand tall and own your big girl business boots.

Red_1Set a steady study date. Schedule weekly learning dates with yourself to grow your bootstrapping skills each and every week. This will keep you focused on something new that you can do to bootstrap your business.



Who do you know that’s does something better than youdo? Bootstrapping doesn’t mean DIY. If you need to something, but don’t love doing it. Who do you know that could do it? Team up with them and start a Bootstrapping Army.



Find your money. Without money your business isn’t a business. Where is your money? List where the money comes in from your business. Focus on why that brings you money. Work to double the money in that area by the end of the month.


4Launch a product, service or offering! Most businesses fail in the first three years? I bet they failed not because of lack of heart, desire or passion. I’m betting they didn’t make enough money! Get serious about making money before it’s too late.


5Find a mentor that you admire that’s been where you want to go. Once you find ’em hold on tight because you’re going to see your business soar. Just make sure that you pick a mentor that helps you find the best in YOU.


Now, I’m just a little bit curious here about which one of these 5 Bootstrapping Steps you’re going to test drive first. Please let me know in the comments. And, even though this song really doesn’t have anything to do with bootstrapping your business it is a really great song about boots.



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