5 Newbie Mistakes You'll Make Launching Your First Course – Kimberly Gosney

Gracious 2015 is flying by and it’s November. Where did the time go? Looking back with my big blue eyes on what my goals for 2015 were and taking time to see how many of them happened (and didn’t happen) I knew it was time to write this post.

Launching your first course can feel overwhelming. If I had a nickel for every person I knew that was in creation mode for a first time course, I’d be a really rich and super happy Kimberly.

Maybe you’ve launched your first course, or maybe the wheels are spinning and you’re thinking about taking something you know and serving it up course style.

Congratulations if that’s you because giving birth to your first course is a must because it helps you go from serving one peep at a time to being able to serve many peeps, without breaking a sweat!

Let’s dig right in shall we?!?

Funny side note here … I made every single stinking one of these whoppers in 2014 when I created my first online course, that’s how come I know sooooo much about these doosies.

No. 1: Procrastination Station.

You wait until the very last minute to get started and then you’ll run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to do everything two days before your launch. Then stuff goes wrong and your course looks like a hot mess and it looks exactly like the time you spent on it.

No. 2: Last Minute Launching.

It’s Wednesday and you’d like to launch your first online course (sales page and all) on Friday. That’s totally do-able, right?!? Of course it is. I’m going for it because I’ve got bills to pay people.

No. 3: Dial 911 You’ve Got A Tech Down Situation.

You haven’t done any research on how you’ll serve up your first course. Now, you’re chomping at the bit because you want to pull a No. 2 (see above) and your brain is slowly turning to mush because the tech stuff is swirling all around you and you’ve got NO idea what to do and how to do it.

No. 4: You’re Launching a Video Course And You’ve Never Made A Video In Your Life.

Video is what everyone is doing, so you’re going to do that too! Amen, sister. Video is the bomb. But, did you know that it takes forever (and a day) to prep for those first extremely awkward videos you’re going to make. GASP it really can take 8 hours to make a 5 minute video!

No. 5: You’re birthing a course-pocolypse.

What’s a course-pocolypse?!? I’m soooooo glad you asked! That’s when you take a really simple topic and cram pack it with everything and it’s mother to add value to your course. It’s your first launch and you’re not able to create the content because it needs at least 20 modules spread out over two months and there’s just soooooo much info you need to put in it.

Phew, I’m exhausted just thinking about these 5 Newbie Mistakes You’ll Make Launching Your First Online Course. I bet you are too! Yes, you can avoid these 5 Newbie Mistakes by taking action. That’s the recipe to make launching your first course delightful.

You can (and will) do this. I believe in you!

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