5 membership site mistakes you don’t want to make!

Today I’m sharing 5 membership site mistakes you don’t want to make!

All of these mistakes will hit you hard or keep you frozen and unable to launch your membership. So you want to AVOID these 5 mistakes like the plague.

Let’s dig in!

Mistake #1: Flying by the seat of your pants.

This mistake happens when you get really excited about the idea of having a membership. You don’t give yourself time to think about it, you just slap up a sales page, reach out to your list, and BOOM you’re selling a membership by this time tomorrow.

Flying by the seat of your pants is risky because you’ll overpromise and under deliver #everytime.

Why is this one such a big mistake?

Because you’re taking action too quickly and not giving your ideas time to simmer before you’re off and taking payments! If you launch like this the tech stuff you don’t know will become a big time suck for you as you’ve sold something and now you have to figure out how to deliver it.

Mistake #2: Bootstrapping your membership site.

OK -> way back in the early days of using password protected pages to deliver a membership site experience you could totally bootstrap your website. But, now?!? Course and membership plugins can do anything and everything under the sun, but it’s not nearly as easy as you think!

Even the simplest membership site built in WordPress will take a ton of time to create if you don’t know what you’re doing! Add to that taking time out of creating content for your membership to build the site and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Mistake #3: Making delivery complicated.

Thinking about having “levels” of membership where someone gets different options based on the price they pay you every month. Well, guess what!

You’re not just building a membership you’re building a membership for each level you add in.

You have to sell each level, promote each level, deliver the content for each level, and take care of missed payments for EACH level.

If this is your first membership -> making delivery complicated will gobble up your time faster than my pups Kiska and Cooper can eat a pound of bacon and that’s pretty doggone fast!

Mistake #4: Cheaping out on systems.

News flash!

There are cheap systems out there for hosting your membership site, emailing your customers, and locking down membership access.

BUT -> cheaper is NEVER better when it comes to building your membership site.

You want to do the work on your membership once and have it last for two years without having to worry about adding on the stress of migrating to a new domain, moving over to new hosting, upgrading your email service, and jumping over to a more advanced membership plugin.

You want your first two years running your membership to be easy, breezy and simple! Having to swap out systems will cost you hours of agony and a ton of money too!

Mistake #5: Doing this all by yourself.

If you’re the one that’s creating the content, building the site, figuring out what your members need… your membership will take longer to become profitable because you’re creating everything in a vacuum where you’re ideas are the only ones being considered!

Plus -> it takes forever to do this all by yourself because you do not have confidence in all the steps it takes to design, sell, deliver, and market a membership – it’s something NEW to you and that’s OK!

You don’t have to be great at everything to have a successful membership site.

The antidote to making costly mistakes is…

Finding someone that is doing this well for other people and picking their brain about how you can do this successfully in your business!

If you’d like to pick my brain here’s how you can do just that and walk away with a solid plan to avoid all 5 of these mistakes in only ONE hour.

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