3 Simple Steps to Prevent Inbox Overwhelm – Kimberly Gosney

Sweet mercy!

Is your inbox filled to the brim with everything and it’s mother?!?

I’ve got some inbox relief for you and I promise if you’re up for the challenge you can fix this in 3 simple steps. Let’s dig right in.

You can’t handle everything you’ve got going on with one inbox.

We’re going to sort, delete, and move through your hot mess of an inbox by creating an easy to follow system for managing your email.

Woohoo! Let’s get to the 3 simple steps to prevent inbox overwhelm.

STEP 1: The three inboxes you need to succeed.

Your support inbox. This inbox is for customers and potential customers ONLY. You’ll use this email on your site as the one place for peeps to get both support and to reach out to your business on the contact form on your website. This inbox should be something like… [email protected]

Your purchases inbox. This inbox is the inbox that you’ll use anytime you BUY something online. This inbox is perfect for online courses you take, plugins you purchase, tools you buy, domain names, and your website hosting. It’s a great idea to corral all of things you’re paying for while you’re running your business (also super helpful at tax time too! This email should be something easy to remember like… [email protected]

Your subscriptions inbox. You know all those lists you subscribe to?!? It’s a whole heck of a lot less overwhelming if you always subscribe to a list using one special email address. You can find the lists you’re subscribed to, but you don’t feel pressure to check this inbox because it’s where your billing and support emails land. You can easily delete out all the emails in this inbox at once if it’s getting out of hand without worrying about deleting an important customer email or an invoice. This email should be something fun like [email protected]

STEP 2: Start filtering new emails coming in.

Got a juicy subscription email from someone you love hearing from, but it’s in your Gmail?!? Unsubscribe from your Gmail and re-subscribe from your [email protected] BONUS POINTS If you’ve been following someone for years inside your Gmail when you unsubscribe and resubscribe you’ll probably SCORE a brand new opt-in freebie.

Got an invoice for a favorite tool you use that’s going to your personal home email address?!? Red rover that sucker right on over to your [email protected] and now you’re starting your own little receipts collection home base.

STEP 3: If you’ve got old emails from more than 2 months ago, hit delete.

Thousands of emails are really hard to filter, if there are thousand of emails in your inbox they take up gobs of mental space. Hit delete on stuff that’s more than 60 days old and then follow step 2 above to prevent future inbox overwhelm.

And there you have it, 3 simple steps to prevent inbox overwhelm.

BONUS RESOURCE:  I manage my 3 inboxes using Helpscout because it makes my life easier, that’s not an affiliate link – it’s just a link I wanted to share because I love Helpscout so much.

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