3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Use Adobe Illustrator Instead Of PicMonkey – Kimberly Gosney

Way back in 2005 with my newborn baby girl, Kathryn Hope sitting in my lap – I purchased a program that would shape the way I looked at graphics for forever.

That program was Adobe Illustrator.


It has changed me, the way I feel about professional looking graphics + more importantly – I taught myself how to use it. (Which was no easy task.)

Now, over 8 years later … Adobe Illustrator is STILL hands down my favorite program on my computer.

(Meaning if I were stranded on a desert island somewhere + still miraculously had access to internet + had my computer – I’d be “happy as a clam”.)

But, daily I get asked this question …

“Should I use PicMonkey or Adobe Illustrator to create the graphics for my website?”

You already know my answer – but I’m sharing “3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Be Using Adobe Illustrator Instead Of PicMonkey.”

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Resources mentioned in this video.

Big Stock Photo

Emily Lime Designs (for the best Glyph fonts ever!)

Lady Rene Font (first Glyph font I ever owned!)

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