3 Membership Plugin Must-Haves

There are oodles of course and membership plugins floating around on the Internet. Some of them are great and some of them really suck.

But, how do you know which one is going to be the right one for you?

Here are 3 Membership Plugin Must-Haves this is my short list of what to look for when you’re sifting through the endless sea of options.

Number 1: You content should still “be there” when you turn your membership plugin off.

This is the FIRST thing you want to ask the maker of any plugin you’re about to invest in for your site. some plugins keep all of your course/membership content inside your plugin.

This is BAD for you. Here’s why.

Let’s say everything is all great and you’ve launched your course/membership and all is well. But, a year from now stuff isn’t working out OR you’re ready to get a custom membership site that looks way better than the one you have now.

But, you deactivate your plugin and BOOM all of your content is no longer there.


Now all of your pages/posts/good stuff has to be put into your new system and that my friend is NO FUN for anyone especially if you’ve got a robust site with oodles and oodles of content on it.

Before you hop in and buy that membership plugin make sure you ask…

What happens to the content I’ve created if I decide to stop using your plugin?!?

The best of membership plugins will not hold your content hostage and force you to be tied to them forever OR cause you stress and headaches when you change your mind in the future – because you might change your mind and you don’t want that added layer of stress.

Number 2: What does support look like for that company?

If you’re new to having a course or membership site you’ll have oodles and oodles of questions. But, have you reached out to support BEFORE you’ve made your plugin purchase?!?

Do your due diligence here and test out the support before you plunk down your hard earned dollar bills and test the support out that the company you’re buying from will give you.

Do they…

  • Offer email support?
  • Offer helpdesk support?
  • Leave you stranded and not reply to your questions?
  • Leave you hanging for days (and days) without getting back to you?

Plugin support is a must-have and any great company with a great plugin will back that thing up with massive support because they’ll want to see you succeed!

A sucky company on the other hand will treat you like you don’t exist.

You work too hard to not exist to someone you’re buying something from!

Number 3: Is there room for future growth?

The last big must-have for your course or membership plugin is how easy can this plugin grow with your business over time?

  • Is everything you see when you turn it on all that it can ever be?
  • Is the design forcing you into making decisions that you wouldn’t make?
  • Is the structure rigid where you can only sell things in one or two ways?
  • How easy is it to take a course you’ve made today and turn it into a membership tomorrow?

You don’t want to waste your time working with something that will only work for a year or two until you’re out of future growth options.

Let’s face it -> the course you make today will be something different a year from now and you want the plugin that’s locking down your content to be flexible enough to roll with you as your business grows from $10K to $100K with ease.

Because you sure don’t want that course site to have to be remade a year from now because that’s mighty expensive!


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