3 Highly Effective Website Secrets. – Kimberly Gosney

Here goes.

I’m sharing 3 Highly Effective Website Secrets With You.

They’re soooo effective they’ll have you really excited about YOUR website. Yippy skippy – let’s get on with it already.

I get a little toooooo excited when I’m talking about building websites. Can you tell?!?

1. You have to have a highly effective website.

Really?!? No, I didn’t bump my head before typing that one out. In order to have a highly effective website you have to have an actual website.

No kidding, no joking around. You need a website and if you don’t have one you need one ASAP.

Some peeps will tell you that you don’t need a website. That you need to “get clear” on what you’re going to do before you have a website. I call Sweet Nibblets on that. Buy yourname.com and build a dang website, already.

2. A highly effective website grows as you go.

Here’s another shocker. The first website you build won’t be the “perfect website.” There is no perfect website. The second you loooooove your website and idea will pop in your head and you’ll be changing it out faster than you can bat your sweet eyelashes.

You need this. A website that grows as you go. One that lights you up now + can be swapped out at the drop of a hat when the mood strikes you. I do that all the time because I love seeing a new version of my dream playing out before my eyes.

3. A highly effective website has payment buttons.

Whooooooa nellie! There’s yet another shocker. A highly effective website has a way for you to get paid. Even if that button only stays there for a limited time while you’re creating your next big thing. A website has to make some money for you to keep doing what you love. Payment buttons – they’ll help you with that.

Bonus tip!!!! Spoiler alert. I’m dreaming that you’ll click it. It’s not a Josh Lucas dream, but it’s a really sweet dream about you.

4. A highly effective website is really sweet at …

Making you smile. So, just in case you’re reading this part and you’re feeling like you’re website isn’t sooooo hot. I’m going to help you Get A Really Sweet Website. Because I looooove building websites and because I think you’re really sweeeeeeet.


It’ll be highly effective at getting your website building booty in gear.

Now, I’m singing JLO. Big, big website so you’ve got a big, big website. {Giggle.}

Are you clicking and joining meeeeee? If you are share this sweet tweet so I can find you before the big hoopla.


Oh my sweet tweesus.

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