10 Minutes A Day : 4.12.14 – Kimberly Gosney

I’m feeling really restless today. Like there’s something I should be doing that I’m not doing. PS – From now on, I’m also going audio. I love to listen to audio anything. So, it’s perfect for me to make audios of my posts.

And, I just can’t figure out what the heck it is.

Usually when I feel like this I hide out on my website and add a page or change something. So, that’s just what I did. I added a press tab. Because maybe I’m feeling a little bit like a tiny fish in a great big ocean.

Thank you to the people that reached out to me this week that wanted to do webinars with me. And, to talk about ideas for the future.

That was fun. And, I was WAY grateful for that.

PS – In case you didn’t notice. This is my way of saying that you need to reach out to people more often. You really need to ask people to interview you. I’ve always been open to doing interviews if people want to talk to me and especially…

I’m open to having guest bloggers on my site. If you like to write, I really do not. So, ask me and I’ll add you to my blog. Yes, I feel a little bit like I’m pimping for bloggers right now.

But, it’s just because I want people to be able to hear from more than just me on my blog. A blog with just one voice is boring.

So – share what you’ve got and I’ll post it for you. Share you voice because your voice sets you free. And, it really makes you stand out in a sea of samies that are worried about someone taking something they have instead of wanting to see everyone thrive.

Samies suck. There I said it. Don’t follow the leader, don’t run with the big dogs, don’t be someone you’re not. Once again, that makes you a poopy head and you’re not a poopy head.

Hugs, Kimberly

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