10 Minutes A Day – 04.14.14 – Kimberly Gosney

I’m taking a vacation today. A vacation from naming stuff.

Look at me on vacation all week long. I’ve been feeling a little holy cow. And, it’s very apparent today that I’m in need of a Name-cation.

You go on a Name-cation when everything you name doesn’t feel 100% like you.

I don’t really feel like anyone else but me, but – my name-capades of late feel a little bit bogus. I’m calling myself on it. It’s not intentional, not at all – yet it seems a little bit like I’m feeling the pressure to be amazing.

And, that’s not coming out in what I name stuff.

And, I’m giving you a little challenge today. How about a little name-cation?

Set yourself free from everything that you are trying to make happen in your business. And, just do absolutely nothing.

Until the fog in your head clears, OR until you’ve had just the right amount of coffee.

Coffee is like magic. And, it’s going on 10:30 and I haven’t had any coffee.

Once I’ve had some, I’m pretty sure the fog will lift. Because life is so much better with a clear head and a little name-cation.

Paradise with tropical islands, that’s where I’m staying on my name-cation. So, join me if you’d like. I can pull up another lounge chair for you. Or maybe a hammock. That’d be really cool. Just you and me on a hammock with a pretty drink with a parasol in the top of it.

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