10 Minutes A Day – 04.11.14 – Kimberly Gosney

I decided that today I’d make it a Pay It Forward Friday. I’m going to use Friday’s from now on to talk about someone that has had a personal impact on me for the week.

It’s like a 10 minute hug-fest.

There are so many people that impacted my life this week, but one in particular that really affected me all the way deep down into my soul.

Here’s the backstory.

Picture it. Monday afternoon. I had the day off and had just arrived back home from Los Angeles. I attended the Instigator Experience which was an amazing event. I got to spend some time with a bunch of really cool and very interesting people. I’ll be writing about a lot of them for many, many Friday’s to come.

Kamal Ravikant. Who I had never heard of before the event.

He spoke about being Highly Inappropriate. Which I thought was very interesting. I’m not all that sure that he speaks on stages often and I could really sense that he was really nervous. Especially at the start of his speech.

Which I loved. Because he’s a real live human.

On Monday afternoon I found myself with a couple of hours of total me time, which is something that I don’t have much of. I decided that I would take a really hot bath, relax and listen to Kamal’s audiobook “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.” Oh, and by the way I also decided to bring to my bath a giant piece of banana nut bread from Starbucks.

Yes, I know. But, why shouldn’t I be able to eat banana nut bread in my tub if I want too?

This audio book is about an hour in length, just perfect for a nice long, hot bath.

Stoked about my relaxation time I hopped into the tub and started to listen to my book. I was totally in love with Kamal in the first three minutes of the book. When he talks about someone he admires, James Altucher and his wife and how he likes them so much that he wants to hug and kiss them.

When he read this one part of his book, you could totally feel his vulnerability and heart show through.

And, so I listened on to a wonderful book that remained just as vulnerable until I dozed off in my bathtub somewhere in the middle and woke up almost at the end.

But, something about me had really changed in that 60 minute span of time.

Kamal says that you just have to tell yourself that you love yourself.

And, that’s what I did and have been doing ever since. “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.”

PS – That’s also why I’ve been writing for 10 minutes a day. Kamal says that’s all you need to do is write for 10 minutes.

PSS – Thanks Kamal. I’ll never forget how I felt after hearing your book and I did go back and listen in to that part that I missed when I fell asleep. It was only because your book really made me feel calm and relaxed, which is seriously difficult for me because I’m pretty hyper and antsy.

PSS – I started gifting the book to people that I thought needed it, then they started gifting it too. Way cool. You can gift audible books to someone else and let’s face it at less than $4 a copy – it’s a really good deal.

Who knew you could see the inside of someone’s soul for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, let alone transform your own life.

PSSS – I did get to hug Kamal. That was also way cool. He reminds me a little bit of my Uncle Mel.


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