Membership Sites Delivered In One Day So You Can...

It shouldn't take forever to launch your e-course or membership site.

But, membership sites can be tricky to setup and even if you "could do it" do you really want to spend 40+ hours over the next couple of weeks months making it happen?

Trying to DIY your membership site will cost you big time.

Trying to build yours takes you out of your Zone Of Genius (where you're working on $1000/hour + activities focused on the future of your business) and puts you smack in the center of spending the next 40+ hours (worth $40,000K in Zone Of Genius Time) building your $2500 membership site just to save a little money - when there are more important revenue generating activities that you could be doing.

And, what happens if it it takes longer than 40 hours to launch your membership site?

Put a fork in you and you'll be D-O-N-E with trying to do this on your own and then you'll end of hiring someone to help you after you've wasted all your Zone of Genius time googling for answers!

Kimberly Gosney Transparent Circle

Hello, I'm Kimberly.

I say we skip all this hassle and you let me take your membership site off of your plate. That way when it's time to do the heaving membership site baking, you'll be basking in the glow of getting a full nights rest because you know that by this time tomorrow your membership site will be served up to perfection and waiting for you to launch!

What's Included!

Your Cupcake Website comes packed with these scrumptious goodies. Examples of each from some of my past sites are shown in the photos below, you can visit my Portfolio to see more examples.

Login Page

A scrumptiously branded login experience every single time!



Welcome Page

Say hello to your new members and welcome them to your site!


Welcome Page
Welcome Page

My Account Page

Members can change their contact info and passwords without having to email support!



Dashboard Design

You'll be able to hop in and add new course or membership spots to your site any time you'd like.


Module Page Design

Add as many pages to your course or membership as you'd like with this reusable module/lesson page design.

Membership Module With Tabs
Membership Module With Tabs

Order Form

A reusable order form for serving up your courses or memberships! *For Stripe users.


Ready to take the next step...

My first open Baking Day is October 23rd.

You'll have your course or membership site as fast as October 24th - no kidding! All you have to do is pop in your course or membership site content and you're flat out ready to roll.


How It Works!

Your Cupcake Website is baked up fresh and made special for your needs. You pick the look that you'd like for each page, send over your images, and BOOM -> your website gets baked up to perfection in one day. You can take a peek at the different page looks by clicking on the images below.

Login Page Designer


Welcome Page Designer


Dashboard Designer




 How much is it?

There are two handy dandy payment options for Cupcake Website.

One Payment
of $2500

Save $500 by paying all at once.
  • Login Page
  • Home Page
  • My Account Page
  • Reusable Order Form *For Stripe Users
  • Reusable Course/Membership Dashboard Page
  • Reusable Module or Lesson Page

Six Monthly Payments
of $500/month

Easy to digest monthly payments.
  • Login Page
  • Welcome Page
  • My Account Page
  • Reusable Order Form *For Stripe Users
  • Reusable Course/Membership Dashboard Page
  • Reusable Module or Lesson Page

Plus You Get The October BONUS Freebies Package!

Two Freebie Focused Page Designs

You'll be able to pop in as many freebies as you want with your very own freebies dashboard and freebie delivery page! Use this for a challenge or content upgrades in a few clicks of the mouse.

VALUE: $500

Frequently Asked Questions

What my past clients had to say about working with me!

The peeps below did not have their sites built in one epic day with me, but without each and every one of them I wouldn't be able to make the huge promise I'm making to you today.

Susan Gaddis

One of the many things I loved about working with Kimberly was her patience in answering all of my questions. Her positive attitude, helpful suggestions, and clear explanations made working together a joy.


Lacy Boggs

Kimberly makes everything so easy when it comes to updating my site. She goes way above and beyond to make things smooth and take care of all the details so I never have to worry about any of it! Love having Kimberly on my team.


Lindsay Preston

Kimberly helped me move my membership sites over to AccessAlly and made the process so smooth!  The best part was that the new design made my membership sites look even better than before! It's SO much easier for me to manage and the transition process was seamless due to Kimberly's help.


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